Soda Blasting Video | Comparison Natrium Products 260 Blasting Soda Media (LEFT) & Natural Soda Brand Media (RIGHT).

This Soda Blasting Video was a side-by-side test comparing Natrium Products 260 Blasting Soda Media (LEFT) and Natural Soda Brand Media (RIGHT). The test was under identical conditions. We used a Soda Works Buster Blaster Model 100 soda blast setup (The most productive and efficient on the market today). We completed the Natrium Products Soda video 1st and then cleaned out the blast pot and refilled with Natural Brand Soda and completed the same amount of stripping. The test parameters and results are as follows:

1. Blasting was performed at 125 psi using a #4 ( 1/4" I.D.) dry nozzle

2. All pressures and media settings were exactly the same.

3. The results below are based on identical coatings to be removed and size of blasted area.

The Natrium Products 260 Soda took 1 min. 38 seconds to complete.

The Natural Brand Soda took 2 min. 45 seconds to complete the same amount of area.

As you can see, Natrium Products Soda Media is 40% more productive.

Natrium Products Blast Media was less dusty during the blast comparison, however that is hard to determine in this video as the dust evacuation system is pulling approximately 20,000 cfm through the blast booth. This video was not set up to disparage another manufacturer's product. It demonstrates the benefits of using the Soda Works Buster blaster soda-blasting unit in conjunction with the Natrium Products brand soda blasting media. When you combine the Soda Works Buster Blaster unit, with its patented metering system, and Natrium Products Blast Media, the highest quality blasting soda on the market, you get a combination of equipment and media that no other soda blasting system can match. More production with less media equals increased profit for you and more value for your soda blast customers. Thank You for checking our Soda Blasting Video page to see these test results.  Let us know if you would like to see more Soda Blasting Video Demonstrations posted here.

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