Residue Removal Instructions

Required Equipment:

  1. One 5 Gal Container  
  2. 1500 psi or greater pressure washer with a 1.5 to 4 gallons per minute jet.
  3. Potable water supply  
  4. 1 Gallon HoldTight 102

Pressure Washer with Soap injector 

  1. Pour 1 gal of Holdtight 102 in a 5 gal container and add 4 gallons potable water.
  2. The pressure washer must be capable of injecting this solution at high pressure  of 1500 psi or greater.
  3. If your pressure washer’s injector system only works on low pressure you will need to get an upstream injector to attach to the incoming water supply.  This will allow injection at high pressure.  This injector attaches in line between the water hose supply and the pressure washer.  The injector is a Suttner  ST-64 , 1..5 to 4 gpm. This will  inject the HoldTight 102 at approximately a 60 to 1 mixture.  NuTech will have these injectors available for purchase and you can also purchase these injectors at Northern Tool (Part # 228801) 1-800-221-0516 or Pressure Parts.com (Part # 360155) at 800-999-2245.

Pressure Washer with Water Tank Supply

  1. Mix 1 gallon HoldTight 102 to 50 Gallons potable water.
  2. Use 50 gallon tank mixture as water supply for the pressure washer and apply at 1500 psi or greater.

Pressure Washing Procedure      

  1. A through blow-down is completed after every blasting operation, however it is highly recommended to use compressed air and blow out rocker panels and areas that may still contain any blasting media.
  2. Hold pressure washer wand approximately 18 inches form substrate being washed.     
  3. Keep the pressure washing wand straight or as little of angle as possible.
  4. Flush as evenly as possible, working a pattern so that no area will be missed.   
  5. Flush out all crevices, seams, and any areas that can hold any blasting media or contaminants.
  6. After pressure washing, blow dry any puddles, crevices, seams and areas that may hold water. 

  7. Use only clean and dry compressed air when drying. Air that is not clean and dry may re-contaminate substrate and pressure washing process would have to be repeated using HoldTight 102.  

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