Video Gallery

Smoke Damage Removal with Soda Blasting 
(Courtesy Buster Blaster East)

Smoke Damage on Concrete removed with Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting a '55 Ford

Soda Blasting Concrete Using Fan Nozzle

Soda Blasting Paint Removal (Several Heavy Coats)

Soda Blasting Cedar

Soda Blasting for Tar Removal from an Aluminum Tar Storage Silo

Soda Blasting - The fiberglass of this 58 Corvette was
stripped unharmed in just a few hours.

Soda Blasting - Fiberglass Corvette

Soda Blasting for Exterior Building Cleanup  
(Courtesy of Chesapeake Soda Clean)

Painted  Concrete Clean-up with Soda Blasting
(Courtesy of Chesapeake Soda Clean)

Soda Blasting Mold Remediation
(Courtesy of Cheaspeake Soda Clean)

Rotor Valve Rebuild
(Courtesy of Chesapeake Soda Clean)

Aircraft Soda Blasting
Courtesy of Aero Art Painting

Nutech Refinishing, Inc.

Jefferson, GA

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Mold, Fire, & Smoke Remediation for Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,
Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas

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